Blue Circle Studio
About the Studio

Blue Circle Studio strives to be more than just an art studio. Dedicated to "compassion in action," the studio offers an environment that enhances individual expression and develops self-esteem and respect for all. Classes offered through Blue Circle Studio combine art history, world arts and cultures, and pure fun.

Allison Plous The owner and resident artist of Blue Circle Studio, Allison Plous, was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and received a degree in fine arts from the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee. Ms. Plous has worked at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and her experience includes more than 10 years of certified art instruction in the public schools as well as private art instruction and ownership of an art studio in Milwaukee.

Here are some of the activities offered at Blue Circle Studio:

  • Exhibits of exciting contemporary art
  • Art classes for students aged 5 through adult
  • Private art instruction
  • Open studio time
  • Birthday parties and special events
  • One-day workshops
  • Girl Scout group activities

For more information, please contact Allison Plous at:


© 2001, Allison Plous

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